© 1971 Jiloral/ Turtle Shell Music (Socan) :: Original Release 1971

Collectors have whispered about owning an original copy of this album in dark corners around the globe, only to have their hopes dashed when no such originals turn up.

Then, in 2006, along came Void Records of New Jersey with a legitimate vinyl reissue of one of the rarest Canadian albums of all time bar none. When originally issued way back in 1971, the album came with a colouring book to colour in the roaches- yes, it’s that kind of album!! Soon the cover was banned for its drug implications making the original hideously rare – but here it is, reproduced from the original, glossy and brilliant and on CD for the first time.

Songs include “Let’s Go To The Drug Store”, “Toking Alone”, “They Call Her Pig” and more. Acidy, druggie electric folk with a touch of Zappa-esque humor tossed in.