© Turtle Shell Music :: Original Release 1983

Almost a decade and a half before “alt-country” entered the lexicon, Sebastian and Bazil Donovan of the punk band S.C.A.B. , decided to have fun playing country music for a) the punk and new wavers that hated country music and b) the country fans that hated punk music.

As explained to Bob MacAdory of The Global Television Network, “You know, rock musicians don’t like punk musicians, punk musicians don’t like jazz musicians, and jazz musicians don’t like anybody, so, we decided to put together a band of different types of musicians and play country music so everyone could see that it’s possible to get along “.

Sebastian Country features ; Bazil Donovan (bass); Mickey Andrews (steel guitar); Lance Bennett (harmonica); Jim Dumanski (drums); Mark Kersey (piano); Ilkka Lehti (vocals, drums).